Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship Ministry

Vision Statement for His Way Ministries' Praise and Worship Team.

Prayer, Praise, And Worship: Individual Dedication


As living sacrifices, as the temples of the Holy Ghost, as open books read of men; our lives should progressively show our righteous journey with God. Our Prayer life yields the direction of our lives.  Our Praise is the soundtrack of this beautiful story.  Our Worship is the born responses to His Intimate encounters with us.


Prayer, Praise, And Worship: Corporate Unity


With direction of Holy Ghost, we are to release a sound that draws Father God's Gaze, to prophesy the Truth of Jesus Christ, and to release the Fragrance of Holy Intimacy. We welcome the Glory of the Lord, the Ka-vod of YHWH.  This is the heavy glory spoken of in our source scriptures. His Glory embodies His strength; his shield and bow; the weight of his presence; his honor and splendor; his abundant provision; and his dignity and reputation.  His position in our lives should be primary as individuals and this is reflected corporately. 

When the Lord releases a revelation, our collective sounds and response is the reaffirming of our acceptance of this revelation.

Mission Statement for His Way Ministries' Praise and Worship Team


This shall be our new normal: Individual streams joining together to become an extravagant river of Worship. We do this by the following guidelines.


  • Promote the Name of Jesus Christ in every facet of our lives.
  • Pray for and encourage one another to draw closer to God. Praise is the soundtrack; and worship is the response.
  • Demonstrate and foster the full expression of Prayer, Praise and Worship: in song, dance, flagging, music tracks, and instruments.
  • Walk in the understanding that prayer, praise, and worship are generators of atmospheres and weapons of warfare. We must be intentional and skilled in their deployment.
  • To decrease and the Lord increase. Praise and worship are not about us but about God.
  • Be totally free, unrestricted and unrestrained, on purpose in our praise and worship and yet sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Extravagance is our new normal.
  • Yield to Prophetic Worship: to reflect the pulse of God and be in tune to what He is saying to the people.