Kingdom Women

Kingdom Women  

His Way's Women's Ministry



The Women's ministry was birthed after the Holy Spirit presented this statement to Sis Diane Hill, "If we are to influence the world, we must be able to impact where we worship".  As she begin to talk with the other women ministers in the church about "the inner core", two words resonated in her spirit, "unmovable and unshakeable".    

In March, 2012 we held our first meeting.


Our mission and purpose are: To embrace, encourage, and empower women to be unmovable and unshakeable in their faith through love, fellowship, discipleship, bible study, worship, prayer, and service to one another.

We are committed to seeing women walking in power, full of the Holy Ghost and not afraid to speak the uncompromised word of God.  This year, the Holy Spirit spoke and said to give this ministry an identity.  Because of our mission to live a spirit-filled life, "Kingdom Women" now our identity.