Outreach and Media


"Awakening Hearts and

Being The Church"


Vision and Mission

In Luke 5:4, Jesus told Simon, Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for the draught (draft). 

The vision is to work the field of souls.  We are to demonstrate the awesome power of Christ love and to bring the Kingdom to the neighborhood in Word and Deed.  We will go forth into the deep and be ready and in position for the (draught) drawing in of souls ripe for salvation.  

3 areas of focus:

Community Outreach and Connections: We active members of the neighborhood association, sick and shut in visitation, conduct off campus bible study classes, and participate in community activities

Evangelism: We engage in street evangelism and witnessing, crusades and neighborhood prayer walks.

Social Media and Video: Through our Turn the Page Campaign, we are reaching out to people who churched and unchurch but both do not know Christ.

Churched: Those familiar with church service protocol, knows the language but not necessarily received deliverance, truth and freedom.

UnChurched: for the sake of contrast, those who understands church and religion but are not inclined to step into the 4 walls.

Both groups, in and out the church have unaddressed issues. This campaign's purpose is to present a fresh perspective of societal stigmas and familial taboos. And in turn offer Christ's love and redemption with no filter. Giving them a choice to allow God to "Turn The Page" to a new start in life or stay in the same page, same paragraph, same sentence.